Terms and Conditions

Optometrist urges you to carefully read and understand our terms and conditions before using our official website.

“We,” “our,” and “us,” refers to Optometrist Private Limited and its owners, staff, and agents; “you” and “your” refers to those who accept the terms and conditions and use this website; and “website material” refers to all the information, names, graphics, text, designs, software, trademarks, and advertisements published on this website.

If you decide to use this website, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

Website Content

Although Optometrist has put in its best efforts to ensure that the content published on its website is as error-free as possible, it admits that the content might contain inaccurate, outdated information, particularly because most of it comes from third parties.

Optometrist, therefore, states that it is not responsible for any error in its website content. Simultaneously, we do not guarantee that that any content or information on our website is virus or defect free.

Copyright Issues

The names of services, products, and brands that appear on Optometrist either belong to or are licensed to Optometrist. Accordingly, Optometrist does not permit any third party to use these names and titles and anyone who does so would be infringing on copyright held by Optometrist, on which occasion Optometrist can take legal action.

Optometrist holds the copyright to all website content, including graphics, text, software, designs, and others. While users are free to download, copy, and print the content for non commercial use, they need to first get written permission from Optometrist.

No Warranty

Optometrist also states that it is not liable for any loss of real or anticipated profit, data, or goodwill, caused directly or indirectly because of your use of our website or your reliance on information, material, and services on it. Likewise, we are not liable for loss, expense, cost, or liability due to injury, death, and loss of property caused by your direct or indirect use of our website.

Operational Terms

We do not warrant that your access to our website or any of its services will be error free and uninterrupted. Optometrist might have to interrupt its website services while maintaining or upgrading the website or owing to circumstances not in its control.

We also do not warrant that our website, the information, graphics, and other content it comprises are free from defects or viruses. You are, therefore, required to protect your computer hardware and software by installing security programs.

Products and Services

By using our website, you automatically consent to our use of your email address to send you newsletters and updates regarding our products and services.


We may sometimes publish links to third parties on this website, but we are not responsible in any way for the content of these websites and cannot warrant its accuracy and quality.

You automatically agree to our terms and conditions through your use of our website. Optometrist has the right to modify these terms and conditions whenever it wishes without having to give any prior notice to its customers.