Emergency Red Eye Treatment

In optometric circles, “red eye” quite literally means “red eye.” It is a condition that turns your eyes anywhere from light pink to dark red and is caused by injury, illness, infection, and allergy. Usually, doctors do not take red eyes seriously because people commonly get red eyes because of factors such as alcohol or drug abuse, cold, stress, fatigue, and others.

Red Eye Causes

You get red eyes when the blood vessels across the surface of your eyes become dilated, enlarged, and irritated. It could be a serious condition and it could be a non serious condition depending on what caused the red eye in the first place.

People commonly get red eyes because of allergens such as dandruff, pet hairs, dust, and pollen, blowing wind, exposure to the sun, dry air, and other. If you spend a few sleepless nights, your eyes will turn red. Inflammation and infection can cause red eyes, itching, pain, vision problems, discharges, and other symptoms. If you wear contact lens, but fail to keep them clean or wear them for long hours, you will get red eyes.

Sometimes, red eyes are indicative of serious eye ailments such as acute glaucoma, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, and corneal ulcers. If you are worried about your red eyes and feel that you have a serious eye problem at hand, you must see your eye care specialist or ophthalmologist and have your eyes examined at the earliest possible.


You need professional assistance if you get red eyes as a result of injury, if you have a severe headache and blurred vision along with red eyes, if you see halos, and if the red eye is accompanied by nausea. Never neglect red eyes that last more than 24 – 48 hours.

You must see your eye doctor if you get a foreign object inside your eye and also if you notice any photosensitivity and greenish or yellowish discharge. Red eyes in case of patients who take warfarin also cannot be ignored.

Red Eye Treatment at Optometrist

Optometrist provides emergency red eye treatment. If your condition alarms you, do not hesitate to approach us as our certified eye doctors will get details of your medical history and conduct a thorough eye health examination.

Be prepared to answer queries such as the following:
• Do you have this problem in only one or both eyes?
• Which part of your eye bothers you the most?
• How did you develop the red eye? Did it happen suddenly or did it come on slowly?
• Do you have a history of developing red eyes?
• Is the redness accompanied by other symptoms such as irritation, discharge, pain, and others?
Our doctors will diagnose your condition depending on your answers to their queries and the results of your eye health exam.

In case of foreign bodies, your doctor will thoroughly bathe your eye in saline solution and carefully remove the following body. Medication in the form of eye drops may also be prescribed depending on your condition.

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