We carry wide ranges of frames to suit everyone’s needs and requirements. All frames differ in material, finish, craftsmanship, country of origin, quality assurance, and the design. Material varies from the relatively inexpensive plastics to the high costs of titanium which are lightweight metals. The detail and the design is what makes each frame unique. We also provide many varieties of designer frames.

Lenses: We all have different visual needs and different lifestyles. There are so many lens options available today to allow for every situation and everyone. The right lenses is one of the most important factor in selecting your eyewear.

Three main factors you will need to consider before choosing you lenses are lens materials, lens design, and lens coatings/treatments. Each factor will have an impact on the optical performance and cosmetic appearance.

Lens material: varies from glass, plastic, polycarbonate which are shatter resistant, high-index which are thinner profile, Trivex, the new thin light lens, photochromic also known as Transitions which darken & lighten according to UV light, polarized which helps to eliminate glare in sunglasses.

Lens Design: depending on your prescription you will need single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive also known as varifocals or computer lens design.

Lens Coating/Treatment: Anti-reflective which cuts glare, removes irritating and unappealing reflections from the lens and end product leads to more cosmetically appealing lens, Ultra-Violet (U.V.) coating, scratch resistant, tints, edge polish.

Regardless of which lens option you choose each is fabricated with quality and timely efficiency. We provide lenses from top lens suppliers such as Kodak, Essilor and Nikon among others. Relax in our friendly environment as our experienced staff helps you select the frames and optics that fit your needs, personality and lifestyle.

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