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Why ask for these contacts?

Along with the convenience of no solutions, no lens cases, and no hassles, 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand gives you exceptional comfort from the moment you put them in, to the moment you toss them at the end of the day. That’s because they’re the only daily disposable contact lenses with our exclusive LACREON® Technology.

And for allergy sufferers, clinical research has shown that a fresh pair of contact lenses every day (made from etafilcon A) may provide improved comfort for people suffering from mild discomfort and/or itching associated with allergies while wearing contacts, compared to lenses replaced at intervals of greater than two weeks.

Lens Details

FeaturesWhat does it mean?
What’s it for?Near or FarsightednessNearsightedness: Distant objects appear blurry. Farsightedness: Near objects appear blurry. Blur can also occur when viewing distant objects.
Replacement ScheduleRemove and discard dailyUse a fresh pair of contacts every day for optimal comfort and convenience.
UV ProtectionClass II – blocks at least 82% UV-A and 97% UV-B radiationOne of the highest levels of UV protection available in a daily disposable contact lens. See a diagramSee a diagram or See the benefits. Important UV information.
BreathabilityHydrogel material (etafilcon A)Provides 88% of available oxygen to the open eye. Watch the history.
WettabilityLACREON® TechnologyExclusive LACREON® Technology permanently embeds a moisture-rich wetting agent, resulting in a fresh lens feeling and end-of-day comfort. See a diagramSee a diagram or See what it’s about.
SmoothnessLACREON® TechnologyLACREON® Technology forms a cushion of moisture similar to your natural tears to reduce friction and maintain moisture. See a diagramSee a diagram or Watch why it’s good.
Easy HandlingVisibility tint & Inside out markLenses are lightly tinted blue so you can spot them in your lens case and inserting lenses correctly every time is as easy as following the 1-2-3 mark. See what to look for.
CostPrices varyRetail prices vary and are solely determined by your eye care professional or retailer.
Package Size30 or 90 lenses per boxGet the convenience of a six-month supply with just four 90-count boxes.